VH&P Adviseurs

VH&P is located in Amsterdam Noord for quite a while and has been over the years a well known and much appreciated company. Together with Jan Gerrits TVA will continue these activities and expand gradually. Jan Gerrits has built the company over the last 14 years, TVA when needed will handle the administration part and control together with Jan Gerrits going forward.

The services performed by VH&P are equal to the TVA group. For further details please take a look under Services.

Originally VHP has a large experience in the field of music, entertainment, media related to booking keeping and fiscal returns. Both private entrepreneurs and limited companies are customers of VHP. Due to the co-operation with TVA the field of experiences will be extended to for example, but not limited sport associations, foundations, hotel and catering industry, construction ventures, and financial services).

In case you want to talk about our services and fees, please call (+31 (0)20 5810810) or email (info@tva-solutions.com).

We are looking forward to serve you.